e-Training your learning experience a notch higher

e-Training Center

e-Training Center is taking your learning experience a Notch higher!

e-Training Center boasts of comprehensive and wide-range learning solutions, methodologies and courses that cover most Open Source Technology topics which are expertly handled and provided by our most qualified and certified instructors, designed to ensure that our students leave our classroom equipped with the appropriate tools and cutting-edge knowledge required in their areas of IT expertise.

e-Training Center is also proud to be certified by Linux Professional Institute (LPI), the premier provider of vendor independent Linux certifications in the world. Thus, our courses and training methods prepare and assist students for global Linux certification examinations and requirements like Linux Professional (LPI) Certification.

Our highly-skilled and top quality / qualified instructors put emphasis on hands-on training experience for the students, simulating actual system environments and real-IT scenarios, thus being able to respond to the actual needs of the enterprise and IT professionals.

e-Training Center offers a list of training courses that are right for you which available for Public Classes and On-Site Sessions.

Customization of courses to fit your training needs is also provided as an option for those who have other requirements other than what’s available. Part of our service is to be able to put together the right training solution that will generate the best professional and personal results for you and your team.

e-Training Center live by its promise and commitment to deliver the Four important (4) E’s of learning to our students:

  • Emphasis
  • Essential
  • Enriching
  • Empowering