e-Telligent Call Center

We provide various 24/7 voice and non-voice customer care services designed to various 24/7 voice and non-voice customer care services designed to address all of a customer's service requirements before, during and after purchasing a client's service of product. Our services typically focus on online content targeted at blogs, corporate websites and e-commerce sites, among many others.

  • Inbound Customer Service
  • E-mail Support
  • Helpdesk/Technical Support Service

Inbound Customer Service: e-Telligent understands that a customer-centric strategy will undoubtedly boost a company 's sales by 50% without having to invest more on marketing, so it is important that all incoming phone calls related to a client 's product or service are appropriately addressed. Customers prefer talking to a live person when making any form of transaction with any company as opposed to using a phone-based information system or voicemail. Our inbound customer services include:

  • Product support
  • Customer feedback
  • Complaints handling
  • Order and database verification
  • Operator and Answering service

Email Support: e-Telligent also provides e-mail support services to complement our inbound customer care services in cases where clients prefer to have e-mail support over voice support. Most customers use e-mails to report issues with the company 's services or products and a prompt email response service is very crucial to any company 's brand building and growth. We understand that an efficient customer support team is necessary for companies that wish to maintain their current customers and eventually increase their customer base. Despite being cheaper than the conventional voice customer support, e-mail support is as effective a tool in addressing customer concerns. e-Telligent can provide its client with an e-mail support team that can efficiently and promptly respond to all customer queries, complaints, feedback and orders. We can create a 24/7 or 24/5 support team composed of highly skilled agents who respond with personalized e-mails at real time. Our e-mail services include:

  • Customer care
  • Technical support
  • Order fulfillment and tracking
  • Data verification
  • Post-sales support

Helpdesk / Technical Support Service: This type of service is generally requested by clients dealing with software and hardware. A helpdesk is a common point of contact for customers and IT. The helpdesk agent provides customers with information and assistance regarding technical problems related to the client 's software or devices, as well as relay the customers issues to the clients IT department. offers helpdesk and technical support services that provide different levels of support to the customer. At the basic level, our agents provide answers to commonly asked questions about our client 's products and services. At the next level, our agents handle more complex technical issues such as troubleshooting software-related or device-related problems.

Email Marketing: Email marketing is one of the fastest ways to spread the word about your business. Our email marketing experts will work with you to navigate and leverage this increasingly complicated online marketing vehicle. We can also help you harness the power of your own customer data. Webworkz will work with you to help you mine the data and maximize the business potential in it. Email marketing helps you acquire new leads/ registrants/ customers/ clients, drive immediate sales, enhance customer retention, build stronger relationships with existing customers/clients, provide company or product information, increase revenues by up-selling to existing customers/clients.

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